Handmade Leather Goods, handmade in the everyday

Small Oak Studios

Handmade goods. Linen, leather, paper and wood.

Your home should be a highly curated space that holds the things you love, use and want to keep for a life-time. Small Oak Studios want their products to be a contributing part of your collection.

The artisans of Small Oak Studios have been crafting hand made goods and clothing for more than 25 years. Perfecting their craft in wood, leather, paper and fabric to offer usable keepsakes and treasured favorites, designed and made in limited quantities in their studio in Woodstock, Georgia.

Their classic, but vintage style allows them to offer contemporary products with time-honored heirloom quality. Products similar to items you would have pulled out of your grandmother’s hope chest, or your grandfather’s workshop.

Visit their website at Small Oak Studios.


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