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Vintage Duo. Timeless Design.

If it ain’t broke, make it better anyway.

We’re making lemonade... well, not exactly.
When life gives us lemons, we make Lemon Drop Martinis. Short story, life in design and tech has always been challenging. Yet, its the challenge itself that fuels our passion for all things design. Despite life’s temporary bumps in road, we press on delivering handcrafted products that bring cheer and serve as a reminder to savor life's simpler moments—with a lemon wedge;) Enjoy!!!

George & Laura CuevasFounders

The Back Story

Rivers & Caves is a family-run, design-driven company based out of Tampa, Florida. Through years of buying and selling homes, George and Laura seemed to always end up in the same place when seeking home products that reflected their personal style… they designed, engineered, and built exactly what they dreamed themselves. The challenge of finding affordable, sophisticated pieces while maintaining a growing family always seemed out of reach.

Laura is an engineer. With her exceptional organizational skills and ability to translate George’s designs into reality, she never ceases to deliver solutions. George is the designer in the duo. Over 30+ years of designing everything from hard goods to software he has honed his skill set to create sought after, first-to-market products.

Rolling up their sleeves is second nature, and they’ve always worked together to create custom pieces for their home. Sometimes, it was a simple picture frame. And other times, it was a full design and build, like their home patio bar. Their teamwork is the proven formula that brings all of this to life.

Going on 36 years of marriage and countless projects, Laura and George have created Rivers & Caves to produce handcrafted products with a high design aesthetic for all their modernist friends.

Design Everything. Give Hope.

George – LinkedIn  /  Laura – LinkedIn