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Custom Stirrers & Garnish Picks for the Cocktail Industry

Brand Your Cocktails

Craft the perfect cocktail experience down to the last detail with our custom garnish picks. Creatively designed and manufactured to your specs to reflect your unique brand style.
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrer for Tiki Bar
Rivers & Caves Custom Garnish Pick for Little Cakes
Rivers & Caves creates custom garnish stick for The Thorn in Miami
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrers for Cliff Hangers Tiki Bar
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrer for Pausa Bar

Custom Branded Stirrers & Garnish Picks Made Easy

Buy Direct

We handle the entire process in-house to make fully custom-designed products accessible.

Design Firm Support

Our custom products are designed by industry pros around your specs and handcrafted in the USA.

Human Assistance

Have a question about the product or customization? Not a problem. No chatbots here. We are just a well-tended email away.

On-Time Shipping

We’re always excited to ship our products and see them in action! We build, pack and ship with maximum care.

Simple Order Process

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