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Custom Stirrers & Garnish Picks for the Cocktail Industry

Brand Your Cocktails

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Craft the perfect cocktail experience down to the last detail with our custom garnish picks. Creatively designed and manufactured to your specs to reflect your unique brand style.
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrer for Tiki Bar
Rivers & Caves Custom Garnish Pick for Little Cakes
Rivers & Caves creates custom garnish stick for The Thorn in Miami
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrers for Cliff Hangers Tiki Bar
Rivers & Caves Custom Stirrer for Pausa Bar

Custom Branded Stirrers & Garnish Picks Made Easy

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We handle the entire process in-house to make fully custom-designed products accessible.

Design Agency Support

Our custom products are designed by industry pros around your specs and handcrafted in the USA.

Human Assistance

Have a question about the product or customization? Not a problem. No chatbots here. We are just a well-tended email away.

On-Time Shipping

We’re always excited to ship our products and see them in action! We build, pack and ship with maximum care.

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