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Our thinking and process behind a product launch.

At Rivers & Caves, we believe that design should always address a specific need. When brainstorming ideas for our latest product launch, we focused on smaller items that could bring joy to compact spaces within homes. We recognize the power of small gestures, like the sight of a single flower, in eliciting smiles. We wanted to capture that essence.

After much deliberation, we decided to create small vases specifically designed to hold stem flowers. Our first priority was engineering the designs to ensure they were functional and practical. We started with test tubes as the vessel for the flowers, and the challenge was to transform them into aesthetically pleasing vases.

To achieve this, we experimented with different design options and materials. Ultimately, we settled on a combination of wood and cast acrylic for the construction. This choice allowed us to maintain strict construction parameters while creating visually appealing vases. Throughout the process, we paid close attention to the smallest details, ensuring that every element fit together seamlessly and that the final product met our standards.

If you find yourself unsure of what to accessorize with, try something simple like one of our Boho or Bauhaus Style vases. Or maybe one of our table top candle stands which are stylish and functional.

Once we finalized the measurements, design profiles, and construction details, we began the testing phase. We used laser cutting to create mockups of the vases, allowing us to evaluate their build quality, size proportions, and overall desirability. This iterative process continued until we were completely satisfied with the final product.

As we moved closer to launch, our focus shifted to marketing and sales strategies. We delved into product photography, copywriting, and asset production for various sales outlets. We meticulously crafted product descriptions and applied SEO techniques to maximize visibility. Additionally, we utilized social media channels to promote the vases and generate excitement among potential customers.

While the process of creating and selling handmade products is incredibly fulfilling, the true reward lies in the positive reviews and feedback from satisfied customers. Knowing that our vases have brought joy and exceeded expectations fuels our passion for design and motivates us to continue creating products that inspire and delight.

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